Projects for B.Tech, BCA, Bsc IT, MCA , B.Tech and M.Tech students:

The industrial scenario needs constant technical enhancements to cater to the rapid demands. Therefore Tech Booster always ensures that their students select a relevant topic and make use of the latest technology and always be innovative in their approach.

Here is our domain where we help students in preparing their project work along with all the required mentorship and guidance.

  • Python Based projects
  • MATLAB based projects
  • Embedded System / Robotics based projects
  • IoT and ML based projects
  • Web application based projects
  • Android based projects
  • Networking based projects
  • Civil Design and Analysis based projects

Project for the final year students is the chance for them to learn about the practical aspects of implementation like coding, decoding, programming, debugging, configuration, installation, administration, designing skills.

Project preparation is the best way to acquire and clear your concepts about your respective fields. When the students will be facing their first job interviews their final year project is the most important experience that is taken into account. Even if a student is planning for higher education their final year project will play the most important role in their selection for the same.

Why Tech Booster?

Tech Booster believes that most of students in Engineering colleges at the end of the semester buy readymade projects from market. By this practice they donot get the thorough knowledge in their project and thereby both loosing marks in Project review and also not able to face technical interviews in company's recruitments. This happens-

  • Due to lack of Technical knowledge of the subject and lack of ideas in project development.
  • Non-availability of required facilities in labs (in some colleges).

Our motive is to make students able to develop their Final year Project on their own with overall concept, guidance and mentorship of industrial experts and trainers of Tech Booster. We will make your basics clear and a solid base of programming skills or knowledge is the first and foremost thing you need to get a job in any one of the reputed Industries. Apart from this our courses are designed to help you learn some of the most commonly used tools and frameworks that are used in the Industry. Further after or during the completion of your course we will also help you in placement in the respective domain which most of the colleges are not been able to do at present time.