What is Computer Hardware??

Learn Computer Hardware Course at Tech Booster Education Private Limited!!

Become a computer hardware engineer with our best trainers at Tech Booster Education Private Limited. Computer hardware course is interconn

What is Networking??

Learn Networking at Tech Booster Education Private Limited!!

Learn Networking at one of the best institute in India and Northeast, Tech Booster Education Private Limited. Networking is the department of computer sc

What is DTP?

What is DTP?

DTP is a vocational training programme, in simple words this course trains you in areas like computer applications, DTP software, printing technology, graphic design, etc, it will also help you in usin

What is ADCA course?

What is ADCA?

Learn ADCA at Tech Booster Education Private Limited, best institute for this course. ADCA course is for students who are good at maths and interested in computer technology, it is a one year short te

What is Core Java?

What is Core Java course?

Core Java is learning of the fundamental syntax and purpose of the Java programming language. Register object-oriented programming methodology to building classes, creating objects, and un

What is PHP and MySQL!!

What is PHP and MySQL!!

Learn PHP MySQL with the best trainers at Tech Booster Education Private Limited, PHP is an extensively used open source general purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web

Importance of RHCSA Certification!!

Importance and Value of RHCSA certification!!

RHCSA is an entry-level certification appropriate for system administrators as well as professionals in a variety of related roles, such as database administrators, dev

Difference between PGDCA & ADCA!!


PGDCA as well as ADCA both have the same course content and duration, the only difference being that while the first certificate is for people who have completed their graduation, the later is for undergraduates after the comp

Importance of Anysys!!

Importance of Anysys!!

Ansys is an online course for physics and engineering programs specially designed for educators, students and engineers to enhance visualisation and physics learning. It is a multi-processor,

What is Data Science?

Concept of Data Science!!

Data science is the dominion of analysis that deals with extensive volumes of data using modern tools and methodology to distinguish unseen patterns, procure meaningful information, and ma

Benefits of learning Spoken English!!

Benefits of  Speaking Fluent English!!

Learning spoken english can be beneficial in many ways, however the most important factor is English is the medium of communication with people in different parts of the

Career Opportunities for PHP Developer!!

Career Opportunities for PHP Developers!!

Predominantly, PHP's future scope are in the hands of web development. They are solely accountable for designing, creating and maintaining the websites and applications for the internet. PHP with a database can create interactive and dynamic websi

Best Careers in Machine Learning!!

Best Careers in Machine Learning with Tech Booster Institute of Professional Studies!!

Machine Learning has an incredible career path. It is the top job in terms of salary, growth of postings, and general demand as

Career Opportunities for Ethical Hacking!!

Career Opportunities in Ethical Hacking!!

For those who have an interest and passion for ehtical hacking. Ethical hackers are employed by almost every type of private, public, and government organization. There are

Career Opportunities for Android Developers!!

Career Opportunities for Android Developers:

Android developers are extremely in high demand. for both freshers and experienced candidates. As the android applications continues to carry on with popularity generating a wide variety of job oppotunities. As an android devel

Career Opportunities for Python Developers!!

Is Python Developer a good career choice!!

Python developer is actually an incredible career choice in today's generation, mainly due to the increasing demand of python developers in many industries. High profile c